Big or small, movement or organization, we all need to figure out how well we’re doing and how to communicate it. In many cases data and M&E can feel like it short-changes the whole of what we’re building, or worse actively hampers it. That’s where my innovative approach to data-storytelling comes in. Combining my experience as an activist, professional data-scientist, writer, and as a designer of DMEL (Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) processes for organizations I can help:

  • Craft internal or external Impact Evaluations
  • Perform Data-Visualization
  • Help generate data-analysis pipelines
  • Design custom deep-learning infrastructure
  • Develop and implement DMEL processes
  • Run workshops and trainings
  • Author compelling articles and high-quality research
  • Strategic planning for movements or organizations
  • etc.

If you see a space for me in your project, I look forward to hearing about it. Please reach out!

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