[EDIT: I am not accepting clients or giving talks or anything right now but you can still buy services from SMAT.]

Big or small, movement or organization, we all need to figure out how well we’re doing and how to communicate it. In many cases data work can feel like it short-changes the whole of what we’re building, or worse actively hampers it. That’s where my innovative approach to data-storytelling comes in. Combining my experience as an activist, professional data-scientist, writer, and as a designer of DMEL (Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) processes for organizations I can help:

  • Large scale social media investigation
  • Advanced digital investigations (OS-INV/INT) trainings
  • Craft internal or external Impact Evaluations
  • Perform Data-Visualization
  • Help generate data-analysis pipelines
  • Design custom deep-learning infrastructure
  • Develop and implement DMEL processes
  • Run workshops and trainings
  • Author compelling articles and high-quality research
  • Strategic planning for movements or organizations
  • etc.

If you see a space for me in your project, I look forward to hearing about it. Please reach out!

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