Article on bot manipulation of EU elections published in The Independent

We found that the far-right and Eurosceptic conservative groupings in the EU elections were being heavily manipulated by bots and our research was published by The Independent. You can read the longer form of the study here.

Doxx Defense: A Working Guide

Doxxing is releasing people’s personal information and using it to hurt them. This can be a legitimate course of action against well researched and confirmed nazi targets but it is more often used against activists by forums such as the chaniverse. Make some time to protect yourself and your friends. Set aside a whole afternoon and do this. Or better yet, set up a crypto party with a group of close friends and do it together…. with snacks!


This piece outlines one view for thinking about long-term transformative potential within antifa work through conflict transformation praxis.

“But Those are Literal Neo-Nazis, Right There!”


This piece reports back from the Arizona anti-Trump protests but also looks at the debates about violence and freedom in direct action activism in light of an emboldened U.S. far-right.

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