Writing and Speaking

I’m a fairly prolific creator and I love to talk (and listen!). These days my research is mostly around confronting harmful content on the web such as hate groups, bots, conspiracies, and disinformation campaigns but I have a wide range of experience and interests.

Scholarly and Professional Reports

Ross, AR and Bevensee, E. (2020). “Confronting the Rise of Eco-Fascism Means Grappling with Complex Systems”. CARR Research Insight 2020.3. London, UK: Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.

Bevensee, E., Aliapoulios, M., Dougherty, Q., Baumgartner, J., McCoy, D., & Blackburn, J. (2020). SMAT: The Social Media Analysis Toolkit. ICWSM. http://doi.org/10.36190/2020.18

Impact report on Enspiral network.

(Available without paywall here)
Bevensee, E., & Ross, A. R. (2018). The Alt-Right and Global Information Warfare. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 4393–4402. https://doi.org/10.1109/BigData.2018.8622270

Bevensee, Emmi, “Decentralization in Violent Conflict Zones: Views from the Periphery” (2015). Capstone Collection. 2772. https://digitalcollections.sit.edu/capstones/2772

Bevensee, Emmi. 2014. “Transwomen, the Prison-Industrial Complex, and Human Rights: Neoliberalism and Trans-Resistance.” Societies Without Borders 9 (1): 96-110. https://scholarlycommons.law.case.edu/swb/vol9/iss1/14

Led quantitative and qualitative research for report, “More Than a Wall” with the Transnational Institute looking at border militarization and corporate corruption.

Designed, research, and wrote section in  “The Disappeared Report” part 2, by No More Deaths/ No Más Muertes

New report on how white supremacist culture utilizes social media published by the University of Auckland.


Emmi Bevensee. (2019). Free Speech Dreams and Fascist Memes. In Fighting Fascism: Antifascism, Free Speech, and Political Violence (pp. 275–316). Retrieved from https://store.c4ss.org/index.php/product/fighting-fascism/

Political Commentary and Media

This investigation outlines information warfare surrounding Hong Kong and helps show a path between super powered disinformation.

I led this study that was covered in The Independent that found evidence of far-right bot manipulation of the EU parliament elections.

Most of my writing can be found on my author page at C4SS where I am currently a senior fellow. I generally blog polemic about borders, (anti-)fascism, economics, consent, and activism.

I’m very proud and excited about the Emotional Anarchism project which I hope to eventually turn into a book as well. It describes the relationship between emotional solidarity, thriving, and political work more generally and is accepting submissions.

Additionally I collaborated on this piece about the Syrian Underground Railroad published by CrimethInc.

Interview on stopping online fascist radicalization with The Spinoff in New Zealand

Speaking and Workshops Led

  • Building an Inclusive Internet” at NetHui 2019
  • Memes, Manifestos, and Murder: Fascist Radicalization Online and How to Stop It at University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Ran workshop, “Twitter API and Bot-Detection” at Computational Social Science conference at the University of Arizona
  • Gave talk on “Harmful Content Moderation: Tracking Hate, Bots, and Disinformation” at the Women in Data Science event at University of Arizona for over 100 people
  • Ran workshop called “Hunting Hate Groups and Disinfo at Scale” at Scuttlefest P2P/decentralized computing hackers conference in New Zealand
  • Taught undergraduate seminar on “Disinformation and Bot Detection”
  • Taught graduate seminar on “Statistics in R for Librarians”
  • Presented for IEEE in their Disinformation Workshop of the international Big Data conference
  • Led multiple training sessions on technology activism at NPDev Summit in Oakland
  • Ran “Doxx Defense” training at Movement Technologist Conference, Highlander Justice Center, TN – 2017
  • etc.
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