SMAT app release!

I’m proud to share a new and much easier to use version of the Social-Media Analysis Toolkit! Those interested in contributing can also check-out the Gitlab. This app helps to visualize a trends on a variety of social-media platforms.

Radio and Podcast Appearances

I appeared on 3CR radio to discuss the Iron March leaks, Alexander Dugin, and international fascism (soon available in podcast form). I also appeared on the Non-Serviam podcast where we spoke about borders, fascism, and “emotional anarchism.” This is available on their website or youtube.

Impact Report on Enspiral Network

Very excited to announce that our impact report for the Enspiral mutual-aid network/ new economy catalyst is finally live! Enspiral is a very special and very complicated horizontal ecosystem of purpose. Looking into it’s impact was insightful and surprising (and we had a great time in New Zealand). Those already in the future of work, new economy, or co-op of co-ops movement have often heard of Enspiral already but this

Doctoral Fellow at Center for Analysis of the Radical Right

It’s an honor to announce that I am now a Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Analysis of the Radical Right among an incredible cast of academics and activists. I will be looking at complex systems, data science, and international fascism on the internet. Find more here.

Open Source Investigation on Atomwaffen and Iron March Terror Networks

Open Source Investigation for Bellingcat called, “Transnational White Terror: Exposing the Atomwaffen and Iron March Networks” that included interactive maps of users from the Iron March nazi forum leaks.

Building An Inclusive Internet Panel

Here’s the link to to my talk at NetHui 2019 in New Zealand with an awesome group of people on what it would take to build an inclusive internet.

Mozilla Open Web Fellow

It has just been announced that I will be working with Mozilla as an independent Open Web Fellow! My statement is: Emmi is developing technical and political tools to combat the next generation of fascism and disinfo online. Over the next 10 months I will be traveling around with this amazing group and developing mostly open-source tools and guides to help make the internet awesome (and less terrifying). Please stay

Border Militarization and Corporate Corruption: “More than a Wall”

I did a large amount of the research for this new report by Transnational Institute exposing massive corporate and governmental corruption in the Border Industrial Complex.

Memes, Manifestos, and Murder

Talk at University of Auckland

How to Stop Someone From Becoming Radicalized Online

Interview with The Spinoff in NZ after talk at University of Auckland

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