Border Militarization and Corporate Corruption: “More than a Wall”

I did a large amount of the research for this new report by Transnational Institute exposing massive corporate and governmental corruption in the Border Industrial Complex.

Memes, Manifestos, and Murder

Talk at University of Auckland

How to Stop Someone From Becoming Radicalized Online

Interview with The Spinoff in NZ after talk at University of Auckland

Reputation Markets Study for C4SS

This study looks at the reality, dangers, and potential of various reputation network systems. It combines theoretical analyses, economics, and speculative fiction to address a relatively under-extrapolated area of research.

Article on bot manipulation of EU elections published in The Independent

We found that the far-right and Eurosceptic conservative groupings in the EU elections were being heavily manipulated by bots and our research was published by The Independent. You can read the longer form of the study here.

An Anarcho-Transhumanist Path to Surviving AI

General artificial-intelligence is one of the most important ethical frontiers towards sustainable futures for human and post-human species. However, it is also one of humanity and other earth-spawned life’s greatest sources of existential risk (X-risk) as witnessed by the abundance of scholarly research in the field (Larks, 2018). General artificial intelligence isn’t just purchase recommendations from ecommerce sites and spam filters, it a degree of intelligence at or above human

New emotional anarchism site

I will be putting all of my emotional anarchism related content on this new site (which you can submit to)! We’re going to try to make zines and books and things!

Are Emotions Rational or Radical?

Emotions can be wrong but they’re a type of information. If radicals want to end the violence we see, we should cultivate all information sources available to us.

Is Direct Action Transformative?

  New piece up!  >>>>  Is Direct Action Transformative?

Open Borders are Our Only Hope

Open borders are the difference between a sociopathic prisoner’s dilemma stuck in recursive loops for the rest of ours species’ miserable hell of an existence, or a dimension of wonders beyond what we’re capable of even considering.

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