New emotional anarchism site

I will be putting all of my emotional anarchism related content on this new site (which you can submit to)! We’re going to try to make zines and books and things!

Are Emotions Rational or Radical?

Emotions can be wrong but they’re a type of information. If radicals want to end the violence we see, we should cultivate all information sources available to us.

Is Direct Action Transformative?

  New piece up!  >>>>  Is Direct Action Transformative?

Open Borders are Our Only Hope

Open borders are the difference between a sociopathic prisoner’s dilemma stuck in recursive loops for the rest of ours species’ miserable hell of an existence, or a dimension of wonders beyond what we’re capable of even considering.

Debunking the White Ethno-State

First in a series I wrote for C4SS, holding the ideas of white supremacy under greater scrutiny. For this one I looked at the economic mess that is the white ethno-state. Part two soon coming.

Doxx Defense: A Working Guide

Doxxing is releasing people’s personal information and using it to hurt them. This can be a legitimate course of action against well researched and confirmed nazi targets but it is more often used against activists by forums such as the chaniverse. Make some time to protect yourself and your friends. Set aside a whole afternoon and do this. Or better yet, set up a crypto party with a group of close friends and do it together…. with snacks!

My Ethical and Political Foundation

That my face ^^^ I recently updated my About Me page to include a longer form explanation of my ethics and political foundation (and a link to my bandcamp….). These do not explain every niche of what I believe, but gives a solid overview of my foundations. The things I write will make more sense with these tenets in mind. —- I’m opposed to coercion and value consent. Consent cannot

Ungovernable Internet with Scuttlebutt

Imagine a world where we weren’t trapped by geographical tribalism and isolated from the brilliant work happening all over the world. These types of advances are some of the key structural elements to creating a truly radicalized globalism, solidarity, and meaningful empathy. We need tools like this to make the internet ungovernable and maximize the degrees of freedom each being can access and meaningfully sort.

The Conversations We Can’t Have:

Social Capital and Violence in Radical Communities – There are conversations that radical communities need to have that are obstructed by accumulation of social capital and power. These are especially difficult and essential where violence is concerned.


This piece outlines one view for thinking about long-term transformative potential within antifa work through conflict transformation praxis.

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